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Kerri Smith, CPHR Candidate

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Kerri Smith

Kerri is a seasoned human resources pro with a passion for Talent Acquisition. She’s fascinated by the experiences people share with her, and loves to meet a variety of diverse people both inside and outside of CWB.

Kerri and Chantel agree: “Tell me about yourself” is a terrible interview question! It’s far too vague and often makes candidates feel uneasy because they have no idea what their potential employer is looking for.

Instead, Kerri is a big fan of behavioural questions that allow a candidate to tell a story about how they acted in a certain circumstance. She suggests candidates try out the STAR Method: identify the situation (S), describe your responsibility in that situation (T), share how you handled it (A) and follow up with the outcome and any lessons learned (R). If you need to bring a pen and paper to ensure that you hit all the points you’ve planned, do it!

Looking for an opportunity in our branches across the prairies? Connect with Kerri on LinkedIn.