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Awards and recognition

Stand up, stand out, and be recognized.

Award of Excellence

The pride employees feel for our company is contagious. We nurture people's passions and recognize those that demonstrate excellence and make a difference — at work and in our communities.

The Award of Excellence is an annual peer-nominated program that recognizes employees that go above and beyond. Employees nominate their peers based on criteria related to positive impact on our people, our clients and our business. Winners are publicly recognized each December with a commemorative plaque and monetary award.

As we work towards our vision to be crucial to our clients' futures, we know that many of our employees deserve an extra "thanks" for their efforts. Our Being Crucial Award program offers peers the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the moments and the people that shape our culture and express our values. Recognition is chosen to suit the recipient, from gift cards to movie tickets to a day off with pay. Recipients may be recognized individually or by their manager during a team meeting.

This program recognizes innovative ideas and suggestions for improvements related to our business operations. The program builds on our culture, where finding new and better ways of doing things is encouraged. Employees are offered a cash award for approved suggestions that reduce operational costs or increase revenues.

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