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Meet our associates and grads


Name: Harman Brar

Position: Manager, Real Estate Lending, Calgary

Why he choose CWB as his employer: The leadership and management at CWB are in a different class than other financial institutions. They are highly experienced and they will make a real effort to develop your skills. CWB really is a team environment. It feels good to work and learn from its dynamic leadership, which results in you feeling not like any another employee. There are a lot of people with many years of knowledge and experience here and to work closely and openly with them is very rewarding.

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Name: Jenna Marynowski

Position: Manager, Credit Risk Management, Edmonton

How she describes her experience in the program: It's been great! The St. Albert team welcomed me with open arms and quickly made me feel right at home. I've learned a lot in the short time through structured learning, courses and from the exposure the team has given me to contribute to the business in a real way. This job isn't like a lot of entry-level jobs where you're uncertain of the impact you're making - from day one you're contributing to the bank in a real way.

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Name: Raymond Pai

Position: Manager, Credit Risk Management, Calgary

What he loved about the program: Its balance of fun, challenges and exposure to areas you can’t get out of a textbook. When you’re in the program, you get the fundamental tools to think like a banker and in-depth knowledge of the finance industry. By starting your career with a growing bank, you are constantly learning something new, which will develop your skill sets, growth and give you the foundation to truly succeed.

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