Meet our associates and grads


Name: Nene Azu

Position: Equipment Financing Associate, Edmonton

Why he believes the program is a good place to start your career: Coming right out of university, the Commercial Banking Associate Program gives you access to extensive on-the-go training with constant feedback so you can track how you're coming along. This is integral as you gain an actual understanding of the reasons why certain processes are in place and a good lending/sales backbone. Additionally, it is typically difficult to find a job in your field of study right out of university, as they usually require relevant industry experience. The program is an excellent introduction to the industry, which gives you the building blocks and an edge as you gain exposure to many diverse departments in the bank.

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Name: Harman Brar

Position: Commercial Banking Associate, Calgary

Why he choose CWB as his employer: The leadership and management at CWB are in a different class than other financial institutions. They are highly experienced and they will make a real effort to develop your skills. CWB really is a team environment. It feels good to work and learn from its dynamic leadership, which results in you feeling not like any another employee. There are a lot of people with many years of knowledge and experience here and to work closely and openly with them is very rewarding.

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Name: Brayden Hori

Position: Account Manager, Commercial Banking, Vancouver

What he likes about CWB's culture: CWB's culture provides a collaborative environment with a focus on the process of achieving results. I thoroughly enjoy how the culture allows associates to have their learning experience more tailored and personal to fit their needs.

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Name: Julia Latuskie

Position: Commercial Banking Associate, Vancouver

Number one piece of advice she would give to someone starting the program:  Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself, no matter how unprepared you may feel. The guidance I’ve received throughout this program is superior to what I could have hoped for. When I make mistakes - often - my lead is always there to assist me and point me in the right direction. The program is the best first exposure to banking that I could have hoped for and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

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Name: Jenna Marynowski

Position: Commercial Banking Associate, Edmonton

How she describes her experience in the program: It's been great! The St. Albert team welcomed me with open arms and quickly made me feel right at home. I've learned a lot in the short time through structured learning, courses and from the exposure the team has given me to contribute to the business in a real way. This job isn't like a lot of entry-level jobs where you're uncertain of the impact you're making - from day one you're contributing to the bank in a real way.

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Name: Raymond Pai

Position: Manager, Commercial Banking, Calgary

What he loved about the program: Its balance of fun, challenges and exposure to areas you can’t get out of a textbook. When you’re in the program, you get the fundamental tools to think like a banker and in-depth knowledge of the finance industry. By starting your career with a growing bank, you are constantly learning something new, which will develop your skill sets, growth and give you the foundation to truly succeed.

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Name: Jeevin Phagura

Position: Commercial Banking Associate, Vancouver

Why he believes a new grad should choose CWB: When beginning any career out of university, there is often a steep learning curve which, most times, people struggle to keep up with it. The beauty of the program is it follow the curve's natural progression. Whether you’re an experienced banker or a beginner, the program provides the opportunity to follow a well-developed set of instruction. Following this path gives you the best chance to develop your own skills, explore the bank, decide on eventual career path and become a strong commercial banker.

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Name: Casey Pugh

Position: Real Estate Lending, Calgary

Number one piece of advice he would give to someone starting the program: Be a sponge. Throughout the program I have worked with a multitude of professionals from different roles and backgrounds, all of whom have provided me with advice and opportunity. The more you learn from them and prove your capability, the more opportunity you will receive.

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