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Diversity and inclusion: best practices

Our communities are diverse, and so are we.

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 We see the combination of diversity and inclusion as essential to business. Combined and encouraged, they benefit individuals, teams, companies and the community. An important part of our corporate culture, we aim to have a workplace as diverse as the communities in which we live and work.

We believe every person should have a fair opportunity for employment and advancement while working in a safe and respectful work environment. We strive to allow individuals to be individuals.

Accommodation Policy – Outlines our ‘duty to accommodate’ and means that sometimes it’s necessary to treat someone differently to be fair.

Workplace Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment & Violence Policy – Outlines our commitment to a safe, respectful workplace, provides definitions for clarification, and offers clear direction on what to do when faced with these types of situations.

Employment Equity Policy – Outlines the reasons for employment equity and our commitment to fair opportunity, regardless of anything not related to skill and ability.

Bias Awareness Selection Guide – Used to reduce any unintentional bias or assumptions that could influence CWB Financial Group’s selection process when hiring and promoting. This tool was designed to help CWB Financial Group be more proactive in creating a culture of inclusivity and more consistent in its fair practices.

Fair and Inclusive Event Guide - This guide covers some best practices in the areas of diversity, inclusion and fairness to consider prior to and during an event and helps to make sure that many circumstances have been considered and accommodation made where possible and necessary.

CWB Financial Group Code of Conduct - A comprehensive tool based upon the corporate values outlined in our strategic plan that includes policies and information related to working ethically. 

CWB Financial Group’s Employment Equity Committee – This group’s role is to promote and support improvements to our practices, with respect to employment equity, inclusion and diversity.

Accessibility reviews –We have a collaborative team that works hard to ensure accessibility to all our locations.

Recruiting practices – Our goal is to make sure that any job we have is accessible to as many people as possible. Included in our regular channels for advertising job opportunities is Equitek Employment Equity Solutions. When we are selecting candidates, our hiring managers are trained to review each candidate fairly based on skill, ability and experience.

Learning and development – Our learning and development team makes sure all employees have access to career planning and development opportunities to achieve their potential.

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