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Diversity & inclusion: communication & awareness

Celebrating our diversity helps make us stronger.

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We take the time to share, communicate and celebrate our commitment to inclusion and diversity in many ways. Doing so makes sure our employees feel like a part of the greater whole.  

Internal communication – We regularly communicate with employees about inclusion, diversity and cultural observances. This includes information on a CWB Financial Group intranet about policies and practices, as well telling stories about employee events that celebrate experiences and milestones related to our diversity.

Multicultural calendars – These are distributed across our organization and are a creative tool to provide information on a wide range of religious and cultural celebrations.

Multiculturalism Day and Celebrate Canada Week - Every year, all our locations eagerly take part in a celebration to share and learn about our diverse employees and clients. Events are different at each location and reflect the diversity specific to the site.

Education – CWB Financial Group employees are required to participate in 'Respect in the Workplace' training. This web-based program brings awareness to workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment, and provides examples to help employees recognize and respond to such situations. Many of our learning and development workshops and training programs include specific content on employment equity, diversity and inclusion.

Accessibility – All of our employee training sessions, workshops, and large employee meetings take into account accessibility, and make provisions for those that require it.

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