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Diversity & inclusion: feedback & support

As long as employees want to talk, we want to listen.

Project team

At CWB Financial Group we have an approachable team, always willing to hear ideas, suggestions for improvement and when something is just not right, we want to know.

We value our employees and their experiences, opinions and suggestions and want to make sure that these are used to make improvements to our policies, practices and activities.

Surveys – CWB Financial Group delivers anonymous and confidential employee engagement surveys every year to gather open and honest feedback from employees. In 2016, CWB Financial Group started a new process in which a shorter “pulse” survey is presented one year, with a full-length engagement survey conducted every second year by a third party. The survey results provide indications of areas in which the organization is successful and those that employees feel need improvement. 

Internal Forums – CWB Financial group publishes internal blogs that enable employees to ask questions, address concerns and gain perspective on certain business initiatives or practices. These often result in meaningful ideas to improve workplace culture. 

Ethics Committee & Hotline – CWB Financial Group has an ethics committee that makes all members accessible to employees for consultation. The committee also receives complaints regarding situations that are potentially unethical in nature. In addition, the CWB Financial Group Ethics Hotline, an external provider for consultation and intake, is available 24/7.

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