CWB Financial Group

What our people are saying

We're incredibly proud of our unique, award-winning culture. Part of that culture is understanding what is working well and where there are opportunities for growth. Hearing from our employees is critical to that process, and we're so proud when they have great things to say about being part of our group of companies.

“It feels good to work for a company where the people believe in you and truly wish for your success. Focus is placed on setting practical, attainable goals and then celebrating our milestones.” 

– Dylan Stoodley, Retail Services Officer, Edmonton


“I really appreciate that, as a company, we’re committed to doing what’s best for the client, not just what’s best for us as a bank. CWB is one of the few places where thinking outside the box is encouraged to find solutions rather than simply following protocol because that’s the way things have always been done. We have some of the best people working here and we have a lot of fun!”

– Lori Haberstock, Account Manager, Retail Banking, Leduc


“The support we have from our peers and leaders is strong at CWB. Anytime I’ve reached out for help or to talk something through, there’s been somebody there.”

– Kathryn Kane, Senior Manager, Loan Administration, Vancouver


“Given where CWB is headed, it’s an exciting time to be here. As a graduate of the Management Associate Program, I feel like there are lots of opportunities for me grow my career.”

– Raymond Pai, Account Manager, Calgary


“In our office there is a sign which reads “Work Hard and be nice to people” – I think that sums up what we strive to attain in our day to day operations.”

– Kevin delaMare, Senior Credit Officer, Vancouver


“CWB makes it clear through both policy and action that people truly come first. Open dialogue is encouraged and taken seriously. I always feel heard.”

– Lauren Wood, Sales and Service Representative III, Edmonton


“My experience working in a branch has been very positive. It is a collaborative and true Canadian culture here in the branch.  People are put first, it’s a collaborative environment that has a true Canadian feel, and a well-balanced work and personal life is promoted.  I feel very grateful having joined the team.”

– Jennifer Shi, Credit Officer, Edmonton