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How we hire

Want to work at CWB? Learn about our hiring process, from starting your application to your first day on the job.

The how matters

At CWB Financial Group, the how matters. We instill this value in our hiring process to ensure we provide an transparent and equitable process, to find the best fit for a position. 

We hire with intention. Our recruiting team & hiring leaders work together and will guide you through the hiring process and will introduce you to our team of decision makers.

It’s a new world, and we’re learning to embrace it! People are changing the way they work and connect, so at CWB Financial Group, we’re changing too. The hiring environment is virtual, in-person and sometimes both - we believe in hybrid hiring! Know that we follow all public health recommendations and foster a safe & inclusive process at every step.

Make a great & lasting first impression

Demonstrate your desire – invest in preparation. Let your teal shine through.
Help us understand your why? Your knowledge of, and alignment to CWB and the role you applied for will show us you care. Our values are the foundation of our people first culture and fuel our decisions, actions, and strategy. We are proud of who we are and where we are going. It’s important that you get to know us as we get to know you – you should be proud of where you want to you work too. 

Be intentional – customize your resume and cover letter. Give it 100%, nothing less.
If you are just “applying”, don’t bother. Be targeted, own your application. At CWB, we expect you to take control of your career - you are in the driver’s seat. Be purposeful in your application, put your best foot forward, tell us your story, and how you plan on using your shared life and work experiences, acquired knowledge and skills, and winning aspiration to make a difference, and be successful with CWB.

Your network is your net-worth

Be proactive. Connect with Team Teal on LinkedIn, follow us on Instagram, network with our employees, and engage our recruiters. Get to know the people (the heart and strength) of CWB to learn more and be the first to know about new opportunities and upcoming job postings.

Show up as your authentic self.
Hey, we all get nervous sometimes. Little things make a big difference. Smile, breathe, make eye contact, be responsive, arrive on time and come prepared. Be prepared for questions and come with your own! Show us what you’ve got and what matters to you. Be confident, share your knowledge and past experiences. Provide examples of how you have used your skills to solve a challenging situation, actions you took and decisions you made when faced with a problem. Trust us, we’ll notice!

Have more questions about joining Team Teal? We have answers.

What career paths are at CWB?
Career opportunities are in abundance across our group of companies. Whether you are interested in working with clients in our business, providing operations and support behind the scenes, or aligning with our corporate functions, we have an opportunity that will support your career growth. Business Banking, Technology and Digital, Finance, Operations, Sales, Human Resources, Wealth Management – it’s a “choose your own career adventure” with each opportunity unlocking a new door! Regardless of where you are in your career journey, we welcome early career professionals, pivoting or transitioning subject matter experts, advancing leaders or mature talent looking to share knowledge and add value in new ways. 
Are there any legal requirements for me to work at CWB?
Yes, the same requirements that make it legal to work in Canada. If you aren’t a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen, you’ll have to obtain a Work Permit to work in Canada. You’ll also need to meet legislative age requirements and meet the requirements of a pre-employment screening, which includes background reference checks, credit, and criminal reference checks.
Do you offer entry-level positions?
Yes, we do! We offer co-ops, internships, and early career professional level jobs. 
What if I need an accommodation in the process? 
If you need accommodations for any or all the steps in our process, please let us know! Reach out directly to the recruiter or hiring team or you can email [email protected].
How much time do I have to apply for a position after it's posted?
Every opportunity has a different application deadline, but we recommend you apply as soon as you see the posting (and that you keep your profile up to date, so you don't miss out on any opportunities!).
How will I know you've received my application?
If you've created an online profile with us, you'll get a confirmation email every time you send an application.
What is my application status?
Please login with your username and password into Workday, you can view your job applications and status. 
Can I apply for more than one position at a time?
Yes – just let us know if you're being considered for more than one position at the same time.
Will CWB take my international experience into consideration?
Absolutely, inclusion is one of our core values. We know diverse teams unleash new ideas and perspectives and we do all that we can to harness the power of inclusion.
How will you contact me?
We'll call or email you using the number or email address on your resume and profile, so make sure your contact info is always up to date.
How can I best prepare myself for an introductory call?
  1. Inform our recruiters the best time and day to reach you, we want to make sure you are comfortable and ready to chat with us.
  2. Connectivity: have your phone fully charged or/and provide a second-best contact method prior to the call or meeting.
  3. Review the position description and information about CWB Financial Group before chatting with us
How long do introductory calls usually take?
An introductory call takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The purpose of an introductory call is to ensure there is alignment between the candidate and CWB Financial Group.  This is not a formal interview, more so a conversation to understand the applicant's interest in the role and to understand various expectations about the job.
I've been contacted and told I have to do an assessment. What can I expect?
We want you to be successful and thrive in your role here. That’s why our hiring team may ask you to do an assessment either online or at one of our locations. We'll walk you through the details and let you know if (and how) you need to prepare beforehand. Just let us know if there’s anything you need to successfully complete the assessment.
How long is the hiring process?

It can vary, due to the number of applicants and the requirements of that role.

What should I wear to my in-depth interview?
Be you! This could mean jeans and a t-shirt or a formal suit, depending on who you are. We will be happy if you are feeling like yourself.
How can I send a follow up thank you to my interviewer(s)?
In your virtual meeting invite, you should have your interviewer's email. Please feel free to send them a message after the interview. If the interview is in person, please let your recruiter know that you would like to send them a message.