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Arizza Rajan

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Arizza joined CWB in July 2018 and recently joined the Talent Acquisition team. She may be new to the recruiting world, but she is super passionate about helping candidates find the right fit and grow their careers – all in between watching hockey, soaking up summer on a patio and travelling the world!

Arizza isn’t big on those “where do you see yourself questions.” As a recent grad herself, she finds that there is no longer one set career path for people. She thinks everyone should have an open mind to different opportunities. This is what will give you a breadth of experience in various fields and really find what you love most, instead of picking one path and finding out later in life that you don’t love what you do.

What will she ask you though? What is it about this position and CWB that excites you most? This question helps her understand your motivation for the position, what you hope to achieve from the role and assess your fit with the organization.

Are you a specialist in corporate office functions like finance, treasury, information services or marketing and communications? Connect with Arizza on LinkedIn.