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Chantel Gallagher

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Chantal Gallagher

A people-person at heart, Chantel is confident she’s got the best job ever. She spends her time meeting people every day! Utilizing her Canadian and UK experience to bring a different perspective to recruitment, she gets to chat with people about how they might grow and progress in a supportive work environment at CWB. Her hobbies are focused on meeting people too – find her snowboarding in the winter, hiking or on a patio near you in the summer.

Don’t expect her to ask loaded questions like “tell me about yourself” in an interview. She’s a firm believe that interviewers shouldn’t ask ambiguous questions that don’t give candidates the best opportunity to sell themselves. She does, however, want a run down of a candidate’s high and low points throughout their career, combined with some lessons learned.

Chantel’s pro tip for potential candidates prepping for an interview? Relax, be yourself and try not to let nerves get the better of you. Ask a friend to do a mock interview with you, if you are prone to pre- interview nerves.

If you are a banker based in British Columbia and want to join the team, reach out to Chantel on LinkedIn.