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Sumira Duggal

Talent Acquisition Advisor 

Sumira Duggal

Sumira is full of positive energy – especially when it comes to pursuing top talent! When she’s not finding the next wave of influencers and change makers for CWB, she enjoys mentoring others, building her brand as an entrepreneur, and spending time with family and friends.

Candidates should think about what they need from an organization in order to be successful, she says. It’s a thought provoking question that, when answered, will help the hiring panel understand what you’re looking for and if they can give it to you in the role you’re pursuing. You might have guessed that she’s not a fan of asking about candidate weaknesses. Instead, she wants to know whether candidates are self-ware about their own opportunities for growth and are willing to learn and challenge themselves. Keep it positive people!

Want to pursue a career in human resources, communications risk, operations, wealth management or mortgage solutions? Connect with Sumira on LinkedIn.