Tyler Blair

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Tyler is a unique, enthusiastic recruiter who enjoys coaching high school football, photography, training at the gym and frequent trips to the mountains. He’s passionate about headhunting and connecting applicants with career opportunities that will allow them to flourish and grow. Tyler also loves the recruitment team at CWB – he appreciates how dedicated and passionate the team is about being a trusted resource for potential and existing employees.

Get in an interview room with Tyler and he’s likely to ask about relationship-building skills – how a candidate forms relationships with their colleagues and clients is of utmost importance here at CWB. 

Tyler’s best advice for an applicant who wants to join the CWB team? Focus on applying for jobs that you’re genuinely passionate about, he says. Not only will it shine through, but it’s much more effective than throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Are you a commercial banker? Cash management guru? Equipment financing expert? Connect with Tyler on LinkedIn to talk about career at CWB.