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Saiyaf Alli

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Saiyaf is a Talent Acquisition professional who thrives on fostering positive, fruitful relationships, building trust, and delivering an impactful candidate experience. As an avid networker and people person who loves to strike up a conversation with random strangers, Saiyaf strives to learn from and engage with everyone he meets.

"I genuinely believe every relationship and interaction is a two-way street. Don't be a stranger. Let's connect to make things happen. Together, we can explore and navigate your career journey."

Saiyaf graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts, completing a certificate in HR Management and the CHRL designation. When the teal face paint comes off at the end of the day, Saiyaf loves spending time with his daughters and catching up with friends. He's been known to cut a rug and be the first and last one on the dance floor. Saiyaf is a lover of all things Toronto and is proud to call CWB his second home.

What drives my talent acquisition passion? The thrill of the hunt. Rest assured, I will find you!