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Bindu Cudjoe, Sr. VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, is a leader of inclusion and diversity at CWB

From grass-roots movements to the United Nations

CWB's inside-out approach to diversity and inclusion

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Employee Represented Groups (ERGs) are grassroots, employee-led groups that are meant to connect employees with like interests and mindsets. ERGs can represent any kind of unique collective or topic areas within CWB.

 CWB Aspire is an employee represented group for asian, south asian and pacific islanders rallying for equality CWB Aspire is comprised of members and allies of CWB’s Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander community. CWB Aspire is committed to amplify the voices of the underrepresented and celebrate the rich cultures that make up CWB
 CWB Global represents employees at CWB who are new to Canada, were new to Canada, or are allies to new Canadians in their community. The challenges that individuals who are new to Canada face are deeply personal and individual, yet they share a common thread.    The logo for CWB Global - Newcomers to Canada and Allies
 The logo for CWB Health 360 CWB Health 360 aims to connect employees in community, raise awareness of self-care and mental health, and offer mental health supports and resources for both the urgent and the everyday needs of CWB Financial Group employees.
 CWB HOLA came together with one goal: to shine a light on the diversity of Latin American cultures. We built the House of Latin America with the vision of making it a home to the curious, the brave, and to anyone who seeks connection.  CWB HOLA House of Latin America

The logo for CWB Noble - Network of Black Employees and Allies

CWB Noble’s mission is to create a safe haven for Black employees and allies to connect, learn and grow professionally and personally. 
PAC represents, supports, and provides resources to this vast demographic of CWB working parents and caregivers. In alignment with our People First value, PAC seeks to foster and build a sense of community, create spaces to share meaningful resources, and provide educational opportunities to help us all achieve the right work/life balance.

CWB PAC Parents and caregivers

 The logo for CWB Pride CWB Pride is comprised of CWB's sexual and gender minority community members and allies. CWB Pride is committed to providing resources and support to its members, building awareness and inclusion across the organization, and contributing to the overarching goal of providing an inclusive and diverse workplace for all employees.
 CWB [Re]New is focused on supporting and empowering new professionals at CWB, whether you are just starting out in your career, new to the financial industry, or returning to the workforce after an extended period of time.  CWB ReNew Network of early career professionals

The logo for CWB Sharing Circle

CWB’s Sharing Circle is a safe place to learn and grow as Indigenous Peoples and as allies. In the spirit of inclusion and understanding, this group is committed to enabling all people to participate in, and learn about, Indigenous ways of knowing and being.
 CWB VIDA (visible and invisible disability advocates) is an inclusive group dedicated to support, education and advocacy for people affected by diverse disabilities and chronic disease.

The logo for CWB VIDA - Visible and Invisible Disability Advocates

The logo for CWB Women - Inspire, empower, connect.

CWB Women is an ambitious employee-led group that host networking and educational events throughout the year with a mandate to inspire, empower and connect women in advancing as leaders within our organization. Learn more about how CWB Women is shaping CWB’s approach to inclusion and diversity here.