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CWB Women

We're proud to support CWB Women, an ambitious employee-led group, who host networking and educational events throughout the year with a mandate to inspire, empower and connect women in advancing as leaders within our organization. CWB Women also provides guidance and advice on policies, programs and practices related to fostering inclusivity for women in our workplace. The group advocated for the recommendation that CWB sign on to the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), and it continues to support adoption of these principles. With CWB Women champions in every location and on every team at CWB, this group is well-positioned to influence the overarching work to build an organization that celebrates each person’s unique talents, abilities and personalities.

By joining the UN WEPs community, we commit to achieve its seven principles and communicate our progress. We assess our current state as “Improver,” which states that we have made advancements, recognize the importance of gender equality, are taking steps to introduce policies and practices, and continue to work on a strategic approach to implement, report and measure our commitment.

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