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Katie Dutfield-Wilms

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Katie is a kind and cheerful recruiting keener, who’s convinced she has the best job in the world. As a strategic thinker, she plunked herself in the middle of Canada to provide maximum recruiting scope – coast to coast to coast. From her nest in Winnipeg, she pursued degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Global Political Economy. With those skills and a decade of recruiting under her belt, Katie knows the value of a unique career path. She can assess and appreciate what the right candidate brings to a role, and believes that inclusion has power. She champions diverse perspectives, insists applicants know the “why” behind their submission and challenges them to focus on transferable skills.

If you’re looking for an organization that aligns with your values, Katie says you’ve come to the right site. CWBers lean on our values when we hit a roadblock, and use them to resolve difficult situations. Discover a career at CWB! Reach out to Katie to discuss your fit in our growing and innovative organization.