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Nina Benvenuto

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Nina Bevenuto headshot

One word to describe Nina? Energy!

She wraps that core of her personality with other words like Engaging! Passionate! Fun! and above all: TEAL, the colour of our CWB blood. When you speak with Nina, you’ll soon realize there is no greater historian or curator of the CWB brand – no greater storyteller in our ranks.

She has collaborated on strategic initiatives across functions and departments and is a champion of relationships. Nina has spent most of her career at CWB, and in those 14 years, has been a central part of our growth and transformation journey. She’s crafted learning strategies for major initiatives using a blend of creativity and enthusiasm. As she’s worked to enlighten both branch and corporate employees, her focus on relationships and connections helped lead her to this new opportunity on the talent acquisition team.

While her motto “the bigger the hair, the harder they stare” isn’t meant as advice to applicants, if Nina’s energy gets your blood pumping, be sure to reach out and start a rewarding career with CWB.