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Stephanie Vogelaar, BA, CPHR Candidate

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Stephanie Vogelaar

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Stephanie is an approachable and dedicated recruiter who believes in bringing transparency and authenticity to everything she does. She puts culture alignment at the forefront of every recruitment and digs in to understand what each candidate brings to the table that is unique. Do you know where you want your career to go? Let her be your cheerleader. Are you a little unsure what the next five years could look like? Let her open your eyes to the possibilities. Stephanie is dedicated to continued professional development and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from MacEwan University, Project Management certification from NAIT, and is currently a CPHR Candidate with CPHR Alberta.

When Stephanie isn't recruiting top talent for #TeamTeal, you can find her enjoying time with her family, mountain biking, travelling abroad, or planning the next renovation project over a glass of wine. If you want to save her from the construction dust or talk about what makes CWB such a great place to work, connect with her on LinkedIn.