CWB Financial Group

 Meet our recruiters

Carmen Pollock Manager of Talent Acquisition   Name: Carmen Pollock, CHRP

Hometown: Edberg, Alberta
Position: Manager, Talent Acquisition
Recruiting focus: corporate office talent, leadership roles
About: Carmen is a determined, focused recruiter who doubles as a soccer mom and likes to explore new destinations around the world. She's passionate about matching people with opportunities at CWB and thrives on the hunt for top talent. Carmen is always on the look out for people who are driven, client-focused, passionate, have strong relationship-building skills and a little bit of grit. She likes working at CWB because of our awesome compliment of people, because opportunities are endless and because she has a real ability to make a difference.
Top application tip: There is only one opportunity to make a first impression - take the time to choose the right words that truly speak for you.
Top interview tip: Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

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 Tyler Blair

Name: Tyler Blair
Hometown: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Position: Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Recruiting focus: branch talent in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; trust services talent 
About: Tyler is a unique, enthusiastic recruiter who enjoys coaching minor football, photography, training at the gym and frequent trips to the mountains. He’s passionate about connecting applicants with career opportunities that will allow them to flourish and grow. Tyler also loves the recruitment team at CWB – as the newest member, he appreciates how dedicated and passionate the team is about being a trusted resource for potential and existing employees.
Top application tip: Focus on applying for jobs that you’re genuinely passionate about. Not only will it shine through, but it’s much more effective than throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks.
Top interview tip: Take time to prepare by researching the organization, reviewing your resume, and thinking about examples of challenges and key accomplishments you had with previous employers. Be inquisitive, and always ask follow up questions.

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Name: Rachel Liem-Smith
Hometown: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Position: Talent Acquisition Specialist
Recruiting focus: corporate office talent
About: Rachel is a curious, energetic recruiter with a passion for hiking, reading and running. Highly-organized and quick to learn, Rachel likes to use data and information gained over time to help potential candidates find the right fit. She wants others to have the opportunity to find a team as great as hers – a team she says lifts her up, challenges her and makes her better at her job. Rachel loves nothing more than being part of a candidate’s journey to their ideal role except perhaps a pint of cold craft beer.
Top application tip: Make it personal – show me you know you are applying to CWB and are excited by it.  Also, tailor your resume to role – read it, compare your experience and show me how what you’ve accomplished relates. 
Top interview tip: Do your research, know the role and the company you want to work for, and make sure you are yourself!  CWB’s culture embraces individuality.

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